"Unfamiliar views of human settlements“
(Translation from German)

Marc Remus shows his paintings until the 16th December in Gelnhausen City Hall - sights of the Barbarossa city - opening.

The work of Marc Remus will be displayed at Gelnhausen City Hall under the title "Impressions of cities and countries." The artist presents impressive "painted collages" and creates a fascinating realistic imagery combined with expressive elements. This way Remus offers inspiring and unfamiliar views to natives of the cities and well as to foreigners.

Developing an own technique:

Through his special technique the paintings have a gripping impression on the viewer. First, the artist begins his work by taking an extended photo excursion through the city in order to get to know "his objects." Then, he "composes" the layout in rough sketches and lays down a layer of tea and coffee as foundation. He continues layering watercolors and accentuates with acrylics. For the completion Remus uses Matte Medium to create optical highlights. The skill, exactness and the emotions can be felt in his creation - works of art that inspire.

The current exhibition shows, apart from views of Gelnhausen, impression of Munich, Frankfurt, Hanau, Bonn, and Seligenstadt. Marc Remus offers, besides the originals, limited editions of fine art giclee prints which he touches up by hand.
At the opening, the mayor of Gelnhausen, Jurgen Michaelis, stressed the appealing beauty of the paintings.

Cornelia Hartmann talked about the many coincidences which led to the exhibition and made her the representative of Marc Remus in the Gelnhausen area. There are even family ties between her and Marc Remus. The artist gave his grandmother Karoline "Linnes" Remus a painting of Gelnhausen for her 100th birthday. Before, he had contacted Cornelia Hartmann and asked her to represent him in Gelnhausen.
During the festivities the two met and planned out their cooperation and the exhibition at City Hall. Cornelia Hartmann is the owner of the gallery "Die Rahmenwerkstatt" in Altenhasslau.

Marc Remus first completed his studies as German/English/Spanish translator before he graduated in 1996 from renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena/ CA. Apart from other travels he also studied in Japan and Honduras. Since 1998 he is working as a free-lance artist in Germany and continues studies in Cultural Anthropology and Japanese. Through these studies emerged the idea to develop his special technique. Meanwhile, he is represented by a large number of galleries in Germany and the US. He live and works in Frankfurt/Germany.

More information about the complicated family ties:

The grandfather of publisher Aribert Kalbfleisch was a cousin of Karoline Remus, the great-grandfather of Marc Remus. Friedrich Wilhelm Kalbfleisch was also a great-grandfather of Cornelia Hartmann.

The exhibition is open today and tomorrow from 2-7pm and after that date during regular City Hall opening hours until the 16th of December.