"The Secret: Tea and Coffee“
(Translation from German)

Frankfurt-born artist exhibits cityscapes of Gelnhausen at City Hall.

Gelnhausen. Starting Thursday December 1st Gallery Cornelia Hartmann will present an exhibition by Frankfurt-born artist Marc Remus in Gelnhausen City Hall. The young artist who is currently celebrating international success has his roots with the old Gelnhausen Kalbfleisch family.

Marc Remus studied in the USA, Japan and Honduras and has been a free-lance artist for seven years. The past three years he has been painting cityscapes which gave him his big break-through. His work is shown in 38 galleries in 25 cities in Germany and the US. Among others he painted Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hanau, London, Paris, Rome, Tucson - and Gelnhausen.

The artist has a special connection to the Barbarossa city. For about 300 years his family has lived there.
When his grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday Marc Remus decided to give her a present - a painting of Gelnhausen.
"Usually I don't paint small towns anymore," said the artist almost apologetically. The demand for large cityscapes has risen dramatically.
But for Gelnhausen he made an exception. When mayor Jürgen Michaelis saw the painting at the birthday reception he was thrilled and offered Marc Remus and exhibition at City Hall.
When he drove home he discovered a gallery and decided to ask owner Cornelia Hartmann if she would be interested to organize this show. It was a surprise when the two discovered that they were far-related.

Almost four years ago Marc Remus discovered a "niche" in the German art market: cityscapes.
"People love to see their city represented in a unique way." Marc Remus noticed. For him it was a lucky chance to combine his passion of traveling with art. According to him he gets to know the cities much better than other people because his work requires lots of preparation to "make an ugly city look beautiful." As an example he mentions the city of Jülich in Northrhein-Westphalia. 98 percent of the city was destroyed. Almost no ancient architecture survived. Still, Remus has one of his main markets in Jülich.
"Cities like Gelnhausen are much easier to paint," says the artist. "The beauty of the city is right in your face." In three paintings he displays the famous buildings of Gelnhausen: For example City Hall, St. Mary Church, Romanesque House, Philipp-Reis statue. "I try to stress the essence of the city." The artist uses brownish colors which dominate the city because of its plentiful sandstone structures. He has developed a special technique for this reason. The basis is coffee and tea which gives the painting an almost ancient touch. On top of this layer he works with watercolors, acrylics, varnish and pastel.

Besides painting Marc Remus has tried lots of things. Among others he has written and illustrated children's books. Recently he has finished his first two novels - written in English. The books are about a 12-year-old girl and , of course, about painting.

The gallery of Cornelia Hartmann presents 21 paintings by Marc Remus in the reception area of City Hall. Opening will take place Thursday December 1st, 7pm.
During the Christmas market the exhibition will be open Friday 5-7pm. Sat & Sun from 2-7pm. After that date the show will be open during regular City Hall hours. Fine art prints in sizes A4, A3 and 60 x 80cm will be available at Cornelia Hartmann's gallery in Altenhasslau.