"Tea and coffee as material for art“
(Translation from German)

Those who look at the paintings by artist Marc Remus will not believe it. Remus works with coffee, tea and tea blossoms among other mediums. It's true! These drinks belong to the preferred paint of the 34-year old artist.
"They give the background its unique look," says Marc Remus.
It is a perfect mixture for making watercolor paper appear like parchment. Over a period of eight years he has developed this unusual technique. It takes time for coffee and tea to dry. Therefore, it is not surprising that he needs up to six weeks for some paintings. The result of this can be seen during the exhibition in the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch.

Besides, cityscapes Remus displays his abstract series "Ray of Light." These paintings are a combination of harmonious colors and graphical elements which turn the painting into one bright ray of light. Marc Remus is known as a young artist who gives not only new momentum but also shows the uniqueness of German and international cities.
He has studied in many countries, among others prehistoric art and archaeology in a school in Central-American Honduras. Therefore, certain stylistic elements reappear in his art but there is also a willingness to cross-over to other fields.

In the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch the successful artist shows the versatility of his work. Six paintings, size 120 x 90 cm, of Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Rome, Port Louis - capital of the island of Mauritius, are on display.
In addition, 15 more cityscapes like Oberursel, Seligenstadt and Hanau in the smaller format of 60 x 80cm can be seen.
In Germany already 15 galleries are representing Marc Remus. The exhibition in the Kempinski Hotel is open until 15th February.