"Remus paints new views of the city in tea and coffee“
(Translation from German)

The Walt Disney Company had already discovered Marc Remus' talent but he rejected the offer by Mickey Mouse & Co in the USA.
"I wanted to find my own style," says the 32-year old artist. Presently, the Frankfurt-born artist exhibits twenty of his paintings in the gallery of the "Friends of Frankfurt" which is located in the oldest half-timbered building of the city.

The show runs under the motto "Impressions of Frankfurt." On display are paintings of well-known buildings and landmarks of the city. Each painting is influenced by the very personal style of the young artist. With a love for detail he depicts for example the Old Opera House, the skyscrapers of the city, the Commerzbank but also Frankfurt City Hall.

"First, I draw the image with a pencil on paper," says the artist. For his large paintings size 125 x 90 cm he stretches paper on doors. "Watercolor pats of that size are not available."
His paintings are created in a special technique that he has developed for this style.
"I paint with tea, coffee and tea blossoms among others." Various sorts of tea, coffee, tea blossoms are mixed together. With a brush he applies this mixture to certain parts of the paper and uses it for the background of his paintings. "I place some extra tea blossoms in some areas." They remain there for a few days until everything is dry. Darker colors are created this way.
Besides that, Marc Remus uses watercolors, acrylics, pastels and creates highlights with gouache. He uses lots of earthen tones but also blue, red, yellow can be found in the paintings. For each of his paintings he has selected a historical text for example from an ancient church book. He copies it onto the paper. This way he intertwines the text passages which have a connection to the imagery with the painting.
The final touches are made by varnish that he cracks open with salt and water. It is being applied to only a few areas of the painting. This way a relief-like structure is build up in certain areas.

The artist lives and works in Sachsenhausen where he went to elementary school and High-school. Early on his parents and teachers discovered his talent and it became very clear for him that he would want to become an artist. So he went for 18 months to School for Creative and Performing Arts in the USA. After High-School graduation in Germany 1990 he began to study Japanese at the University of Frankfurt. Simultaneously, he studied to become a translator for English and Spanish. This took him two years. "The Japanese studies was to theoretical for my taste. I wanted to learn the language, that means modern Japanese."
Apart from this, he was fascinated by Asian art from childhood on.

And so in September 1992 he went to the land of the rising sun, to be exact to Sokashi where he stayed for a year. "This is a small town about an hour away from Tokyo." Almost daily he traveled from there to Meji University in Tokyo and attended classes, among many Zen painting. "But also silk painting fascinated me."

During his stay in Japan he applied at famous Art Center College of Design in Pasadena close to Los Angeles and he was accepted. "There, I studied illustrations for almost four years." No surprise that his paintings show graphical elements. "Many of the graduates from my college work for Disney." He also received an offer after graduation (he graduated as the only one of his year with distinction) by Disney.
"After four years in the Los Angeles world of glitter I wanted to leave the city," says the artist. "I went to the airport and took the next flight going south." This brought him to Honduras where he stayed for almost eight months and studied pre-Columbian art. His impressions of this time are reflected in a series of paintings. Since 1997 he is back in Frankfurt and has a small studio in his apartment.

The exhibition, which is already his seventh, is open until Tuesday November 5th. Open Fridays and Sundays from 2-5 pm in the Gallery of the "Friends of Frankfurt," Schellgasse 8.