"Remarkable views“
(Translation from German)

Tea leaves, coffee and watercolor; these are the ingredients for a remarkable painting. Sparkling crystals of salt glitter between acrylics and give the exhibit of artist Marc Remus a unique look.
He shows 24 paintings in the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch. The visitor can take a look at cityscapes and abstract paintings in impressive colors and sizes.
What is exceptional about the paintings is the unique technique and the artist's good eye for the beauty of a city.

"The first year in my career I drew on regular paper," says Remus. For his series "Ancient cultures of the world" he was looking for a way to paint on old paper.
"I couldn't use parchment because it repels watercolor." His paintings are based on a special technique. "First, I make a line drawing in pencil and then I apply a mixture of three teas and coffee," says Remus. The layers have to dry before he continues to use watercolors and Matte Medium. With a mixture of salt and water he creates magical crystals that break up the colors.

The Frankfurt-born artist learned how to use watercolors and acrylics at an American college. The idea of iridescent effects was created by himself. The cities he visits provide the imagery he paints. "I have to grab the mood and look of the objects," says Remus. He was in Rome, Berlin, London and Frankfurt. A painting of the city of the Huguenots has not been created yet. "I haven't found anything appropriate yet, even though Isenburg has some nice Tudor-style houses."