"Plants close-up“
(Translation from German)

Marc Remus' "Wonder of Nature."

An exhibition by Frankfurt-born artist Marc E. Remus (open until the end of the year) in the Palm Greenhouse at the Botanical Garden Frankfurt shows unusual views of leaves and blossoms. Unique macro photos from the world of plants.

These photos were created during the artist's studies in the USA, Japan and Honduras. The large-size photos depict uncommon close-ups of plants that are unknown in our region.
Through the extreme macro the series "Wonders of Nature" leads the eye to details that are commonly overlooked. The charming play between light and shadows with leaf patterns and colors make these photos something special.
Therefore, the location is carefully selected. Where usually someone only sees a complete bush or a large blossom, he will discover a complete new view of the world in Marc Remus' images - a world that doesn't seem to have anything to do with plants.
Influenced by years of intensive involvement with Japanese aesthetics the photos transmit elegance and calm.

Born in 1969 in Frankfurt Main the artist graduated with distinction in art at the renowned Art Center College of Design in California.
He became also internationally known through his abstracted historical paintings, an unusual selection of mediums like coffee and tea, and the intensive studies of non-European cultures.

Remus' work which is not designed as a catchy image or for fast-consumption, has shown his work with great success in Germany, Finland, the US and Malaysia.
Open daily from 9-5.