"Paintings telling stories of distant cultures“
(Translation from German)

The Sachsenhausen born Marc Remus not only has a lot of stories to tell about foreign cultures but also shows them
in his paintings. The 33-year-old-artist and illustrator has traveled to Honduras, Alaska and Egypt and has incorporated
these impressions in a series of around 60 paintings called “Ancient cultures of the world.“ In his exhibition at the
ArabellaSheraton Congress Hotel eight of these paintings are currently on display.

The Egyptian pharaoh Tut-anch-amun (King Tut) is the centerpiece of one painting titled “Mysterious empire on the Nile.“
“I was fascinated by this pharaoh from childhood on,“ explained Marc Remus. On a trip to Cairo he visited the Egyptian
museum to study the objects that had been found in the tomb. “I photographed some of them, among them the sarcophagus
of the pharaoh,“ Eventually, the photos inspired him to create the painting on display.
Another adventurous journey was his drive from Los Angeles to Alaska. “I learned about the cultures of the Inuit

(the Eskimo) in Alaska.“ Impressions of this trip are also shown in one of the paintings on display.

Besides his works on ancient cultures the architecture of Frankfurt is a subject matter often found in his works.

Ten paintings ofthe series “Impressions of Frankfurt“ are on display at the exhibition.
“I’m fascinated by the contrasts between old and new city structures,“ says Marc Remus.
This contrast of old and new architecture is unique in Europe and America. Already last year
he presented some paintings of this series at the gallery of the “Friends of Frankfurt.“

There, the historical structures of Frankfurt were the focal point. (We reported on this exhibit).

“Except of two paintings, all Frankfurt paintings in the current exhibition are new and were created in the past months.“
In the painting titled “ Present and Past II“ he contrasts the Maintower, Commerzbank skyscraper, the tower of the DG Bank
with the ancient structures of the Cathedral and the Eschenheimer Tower.

The artist paints in a mixed media technique that he has developed over the past seven years.

Besides watercolors he uses pastels and acrylics but also tea, coffee and tea blossoms as well as
matte-medium mixed with water and salt. But before he applies the colors he draws the images on paper.
First, he applies the tea-coffee mixture around the lines and fills the drawings with
watercolors. Then, the acrylics and pastels are being laid on top.

Marc Remus, born in Frankfurt, studied illustrations at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena close to Los Angeles.
After his studies in the US his journey took him from the glamorous American metropolis to the Misquito Indians in Honduras
where he stayed a few months. There, he intensively studied the culture of the Mayans.

“Back then, I have visited their cities and temples in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Yucatán-Peninsula.“
He vividly shows the handicrafts of these people in one of his paintings.

Today, Marc Remus is still engaged with ancient cultures. He studies cultural anthropology at Frankfurt’s
Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-University. Marc Remus works as a free-lance artist. He has a small studio in his apartment in
Sachsenhausen where he creates these paintings.
Besides Frankfurt and Hamburg, his paintings have been exhibited in many places around the world, among them
Pasadena/California, Oregon, Kuala Lumpur and Finland. An exhibition is planned this year October in
Capetown/South Africa.