"Impressions of Frankfurt in tea and coffee“
(Translation from German)

Marc Remus loves contrasts, subject-wise and color-wise. Therefore, a city like Frankfurt makes it easy for him.
He appreciates the historical buildings that the city has preserved despite its destruction and reconstruction.
"It is the most interesting German city,” says the 32-year old artist.
The most famous sights and symbols of Frankfurt have received most of his attention: City Hall, the Opera House,

the towers but also the Ms. Rauscher fountain have found their way into his paintings that the "Friends of Frankfurt”
are exhibiting. Very exact in detail Remus paints mainly historical buildings and often combines them
with striking parts or points of reference of the building.
Therefore, you can find on the painting titled "City Hall” not only City Hall but strongly enlarged the emblem at

the entrance and the carvings on the side of the building.

Of special interest is the technique that Remus uses. In order to give the paper a parchment look he boils tea and coffee,

mixes it with tea blossoms, and spreads it over the paper. After the mixture has dried, he paints into the left out areas the
buildings in watercolor. To increase the contrast of the background he uses strong pastel tones as well as black acrylic.
"At the end I use matte medium with water and salt,” says Remus.
Those who take a closer look at the paintings can see the microscopic salt crystals that give the overall image a touch of

history – almost as if they were created in another time.

It is the second exhibition in his hometown Frankfurt. Remus has already exhibited in Hamburg, Malaysia, Finland and the

USA where he has studied art for five years. Before this, he had spent a year at High-school in Ohio, been an exchange
student in Tokyo where he studied Zen painting, and lived a few months with the Indians in the Mosquito Coast in Honduras.
All these influences can be found, more or less, in his paintings. His skyscraper paintings, for example, are very long and
vertical. A typical feature of Japanese scroll painting.
One of the most beautiful paintings in the exhibit is that of the botanical garden. On the lower end the cafe "Villa Leonardi” is

depicted. Above is a rich sunflower as well as a yellow rose. A stag-beetle crawls over the upper section of the painting
towards the logo of the Tropicarium. While Remus had used mainly dark colors for the historical buildings, the green and the
earth-tone colors in this painting convey an impression of nature.

The exhibition "Impressions of Frankfurt” is open until November 5th at the "Friends of Frankfurt”, Schellgasse.

Opening hours Tuesday, Friday and Sundays from 2pm to 5pm.