"Frankfurt presents itself full of contrast“
(Translation from German)

The young artist Marc E. Remus presents the two sides of Frankfurt in an exhibition at the ArabellaSheraton Congress Hotel.
In his new series he merges the historical buildings with the modern structures of the city. A few examples of ancient cultures,
like the one of the Mayans, are on display at well.
The artist, born in Sachsenhausen in 1969, has experienced a lot in his life. During his High-School years he visited for 18

months the "School for Creative and Performing Arts” in Cincinnati. After graduation in 1990 he began his studies and became
a business translator for English and German while he studied simultaneously Japanese at Frankfurt University.
After having lived a year in Japan Remus applied at the renowned Art Center College of Design and was accepted.

There he studied four years Illustrations and graduated with distinction. He received the offer by the Walt Disney company to
work as an illustrator but Remus rejected. "I wanted to find my own style.” After journeys through South America and the
USA he returned to Frankfurt in 1997.

Compared to previous exhibitions the new one has gained in dynamics and through the combination of history and

modernism it creates a new perspective of Frankfurt.

The opening takes place on Monday, 10th March at 7pm in the ArabellaSheraton, Lyoner Street 44-48