"Fascinating paintings of Asian myths“
(Translation from German)

The fine features of an Asian woman, half mask, half reality is displayed on the slender painting of clouded silhouettes, Japanese signs and a hidden female figure.

Artist Marc Remus (29), born in Frankfurt/Germany, and creator of the painting has lived a year in Japan. Last night his paintings were presented by FN Press coordinator Daniela Schwarzkopf at the FN Press -City-Treff.

To perfect himself as an illustrator Marc E. Remus has attended School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati/OH and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena/CA.
Even the BBC has shown the illustrations of the only-son of an antique dealer in the TV Series "The Great War."
"I lived with an Indian family in Honduras without the need for all the comforts of civilization, with very simple people."
Marc E. Remus has been a free-lance artist in Germany since 1997. He has painted "ever since I remember," he says.
For his studies abroad he has taken many jobs and invested lots of his savings. Today, he lives of what he has learned and from his creative ideas. "I get by," says the artist.

Most of the exhibited paintings at the FNP-City-Treff are for sale - among them five charming fairy tale illustrations.
What fascinates the bachelor are the ancient cultures of Asia and Latin America. The myths and legends capture his interest.
They are a source of energy and a bridge to a world beyond tourism and commerce.
However, he admits that "after having learned to live with $150 a month I could appreciate a toilet with water to flush."

After the opening at FNP-City-Treff some interested art collector will surely find his way there.