"Facades and foxes served with tea and coffee“
(Translation from German)

For its ten year anniversary the Gallery Citadel receives a special present:
"Impressions of Jülich" by Marc Remus

After Johann Wilhelm Schirmer there was nothing for a long time. He shaped the artistic view that the people of Jülich had of their city. Then, Wilhelm Schlote created a collage for the National Garden Exhibition and now Marc Remus appeared.

A young artist from Frankfurt, represented by 15 galleries in eight cities in Germany, discovered through an "extreme coincidence" the city of Jülich as a subject to paint.
He arrived in Jülich as an appendage of his agent who needed to stop in Jülich. Remus wanted to use the waiting time usefully and so he toured the city.

Cities are his passion. He gives them a new look through his special style. He paints them on paper, not n canvas or wood. Only on this material he can achieve the desired effects which are based on a secret tea/coffee mixture.
He creates charming contrasts between the yellowish-browns, the almost shining gold, and the light an dark tones. The city landmarks that almost appear photo realistic.
The buildings merge into the diffuse light created by watercolors, acrylics, pastels, varnish and a solution of salt and water. This applies to the paintings of Frankfurt as well as to the ones of Cologne, Düsseldorf or Munich - and Jülich.

"It was a difficult approach," admitted the artist. "I expected Jülich to be a small Medieval town." It was quite a dissolution at first. As Remus walked from the Center of Technology to the Witch Tower he slowly begun to enjoy the town. But even at the Market Square, in front of St. Mary's fountain, he remained sceptical. "The challenge is to discover the fine details."

However, "I almost missed the castle and the Citadel," explained the 35-year-old with a roguish smile. But it was not until the third walk in the mout that he discovers the Renaissance façade. The artist made 300 photos that day. This is the usual average for a city. Only Munich took 1200 pictures. Within two weeks he created the new view of the city with a .0 brush. He stretches the paper on a door and spends up to 12 hours each day leaned over the painting. From the original Marc Remus produces fine art prints that he signs, limits and touches up by hand. They are quite affordable compared to the originals.

On his way back to the Center of Technology - another one of these coincidences that Remus couldn't believe - he discovers the Gallery Citadel.
"Here must be a demand for art," thought Remus. He found an open ear with gallery owner Georg Loven. They made a plan together that for the 10th anniversary of the Gallery Citadel the exhibition "Impressions of Jülich" would open its doors. Until 1November 19th the exhibition can be visited.

About the Artist:

Born in Frankfurt/Germany in 1969. Marc Remus lived and studied in Japan, USA and Honduras.
Besides painting he has studied acting and theater.

1988 he graduated from School for Creative & Performing Arts, Cincinnati/Ohio/USA.

1996 B.A. in illustration from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena/CA/USA.

The series of cityscapes is only one of his many talents. He also paints abstract but his heart belongs to
children's book illustrations. Marc Remus writes picture books (so far unpublished) and he has just
finished his first Middle Grade Novel "Magora - The Gallery of Wonders."