"Always surprsingly new“
(Translation from German)

New paintings full of contrasting imagery of Frankfurt, where old and new buildings are being
merged into one image, exciting glimpses of ancient cultures like the one of the Mayans and a
first look into a new abstract phase. The ArabellaSherton Congress Hotel presents an exhibition
with three charming topics by the young artist Marc E. Remus (33) starting March 10th.
After the exhibition in the gallery of the "Friends of Frankfurt”, showing exclusively historical

buildings of Frankfurt, Remus presents his works for a second time to a broad audience in Frankfurt.
Doubtlessly the two most important facts of this exhibition (containing more than 30 paintings)

are first, that Marc Remus is no longer a locally important artist who is going to make his way in
his artistic career. Secondly, that the audience is having the opportunity to see paintings that are enjoyable.
Two abstract paintings are the final touch of this exhibition that will last until 10th September.

These paintings show the readiness of the artist to open up to new ideas and go without the black that
he has used as contrast in his earlier works.
The paintings are joyful without being trivial.